As Malaysians, there’s no doubt that there’s quite a fair bit of controversial news and happenings lately, which can be quite disheartening, to say the least. Fortunately, we also have our fair share of good news every once in a while. Like how homegrown talents Paperplane Pursuit have managed to place top 40 on the Billboard Mainstream charts for their single, Feel Good. Now who said that local talents are all terrible one ah?

The way I see it, there’s no way a Malaysian hasn’t seen or heard of Paperplane Pursuit’s Who’s Gonna Stop Me?! as of late. With all the hype going on with Feel Good, the boys couldn’t have chosen a better time to release the music video of Who’s Gonna Stop Me?!, the first single from their upcoming album, set to release early 2016.

In true Paperplane Pursuit fashion, the trio of boys didn’t disappoint when it comes to the musical parts of the track. From catchy guitar rifts, to John’s happy-go-lucky vocals, Who’s Gonna Stop Me?! is quite the apt song for a morning Sunday drive. Funnily enough, the music video for the song in question starts off with the band driving down a highway in a pink Sedan. I know, I know, pretty moot point but it doesn’t hurt to know, right? Then again, you should already know that because what are you doing reading this article without having seen the music video?! Okay fine, if you haven’t already seen it, I’ll give you time to do it now.



One of the more memorable elements of the track comes from a very familiar tune, which I’m sure we’ve all heard of at one point in our lives. During the verses, there’s a very clear-cut reference to the song Pop Goes the Weasel, in the form of its rhythm. Pretty neat touch to the overall song, if you ask me. Not to mention the special guest appearance of SEA Games gold medalist, Farah Ann, which gave the video that extra bonus touch.

Overall, the video works of local digital media agency, The Spacemen, did Paperplane Pursuit’s latest track justice. Watching the music video and listening to the song, you can’t help but feel proud for how far the local music industry has come.

If Who’s Gonna Stop Me?! has got you hooked onto Paperplane Pursuit, be sure to check out their other songs and follow them on social media.

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