You know what’s cool? Local music. Do you know what’s cooler than that? Being involved in a giant water balloon fight while your favourite local acts rock the stage beside you. You know what’s cooler than that? Nothing. So, if you were at University of Nottingham (Malaysia, not the one that’s actually in Nottingham) on the 28th of March, you were probably one of the coolest kids in town. In conjunction with their 10th Anniversary, Nottingham University’s Music Club decided to show their gratitude towards the campus community in an exciting way by organizing Project X.

Sean and Sonny of Son Of A Policeman (SOAP), aka #SabunBand.

Sean and Sonny of Son Of A Policeman (SOAP), aka #SabunBand.

“We ran with the concert concept due to the fact that it is quite difficult for the students of our university to go out into the city to attend a music festival, as they will usually need to travel a long distance and pay a hefty sum. Therefore, organizing the music festival on campus instead of settling for a more convenient off campus venue became our primary game for the event.” – Lee Jun Yan (President of UNMC’s Music Club)

Here are some of your favourite acts that rocked the stage:

  • Dj Dangerdisko
  • Son of a Policeman
  • Amrita Soon
  • Beatnation
  • Hafiz Zainal
  • Bunkface
  • Narmi
  • Chomel
Amrita Soon performing at Project X.

Amrita Soon performing at Project X.

Safe to say, thanks to these guys, it wasn’t just our outsides that got wet (geddit, geddit??). Perhaps the most notable highlight was Bunkface, who managed to get the crowd hyped up on insane levels. The moment they hit the stage, fans ran all the way to the front and even squeezed themselves to the fences. And when Bunkface played “Revolusi”, they literally blew the non-existent roof off.

Bunkface rocking the stage at Project X.

Bunkface rocking the stage at Project X.

Some members of the crowd did say that the event was less than stellar. However, it goes without saying that, at the very least, our local acts were given the spotlight they deserve.

“In our opinion, the local music scene is filled with immense talents and gifted musicians that are, in a sense, on par with many international talents. The barrier that is still required to be crossed, however, lies within the Malaysian society. The long-time mindset has always been that Malaysian made are sub-par to international brands, and this is visible in many other fields of services and products as well.” – Lee Jun Yan

Well said Mr President, well said.