I don’t know how many times I’ve said (well, typed) this, and how many times you’ve heard (read) these words from me, but the local music game is STRONG guys. STRONG. If you haven’t heard any of Talitha Tan’s songs, I have to stop you this instance and divert you to this article right here, and make you listen to ROJAK’s Top 5 picks of Talitha’s most eargasmic songs. I GUARANTEE* that there’s at least going to be one that you’ll fall in love with. So go on now, shoo shoo. Come back when you’re done raping the replay buttons.

*Unless you have an awfully weird taste in music, in which case, I’m sorry to have to tell you that we can’t be friends

Back for more? Great! Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what the local music scene has to offer, here are 5 more eargasm-inducing songs by local talents, hand picked by our Crunch of the Month, Talitha Tan, along with her own commentary.


1) Darren Ashley – Empire

“I love pretty much everything Darren produces and writes. He makes absolutely amazing music. I specifically like this one because it’s actually him singing, but it sounds like a girl. Power of technology! *laughs* I also find it very calming and sweet. I love his lyrics as well. Goes for every song he writes.”


2) Jumero – Life

“It’s groovy! I love Jumero’s other stuff too, but I find them so much better live. They are absolutely amazing performers. And write absolutely amazing music.”


3) Yuna – Places To Go

“Ah, well, Yuna. I find this very different from her other stuff. I’m actually not too fond of her new one, Crush. But I absolutely love the groove to this.”


4) Bassment Syndicate – Bad Timing featuring Ezra Brown

“You have to watch this one because I was in the music video. *laughs* Jokes aside, it’s a great song! Listen to it! Go!”


5) Ali Aiman – Breathe

“I love dark music. I love how deep it digs into your soul. It’s hauntingly beautiful.”


Did you enjoy Talitha’s picks as much as we did? Or have other favourites from other local musicians? Share them with us! Or if you’re a local musician yourself, why not send us your stuff so we can share them with everyone else? Remember, sharing is caring (and not just in terms of music, I’m open to other things as well like cookies, ice-cream, flight tickets, money, more ice-cream…).

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