When it comes to Olympic sports, it’s a no-brainer: If Malaysia isn’t in the competition, you cheer on the cutest/hottest person competing; if Malaysia is in the competition, you head out to the nearest mamak, Jalur Gemilang in hand, and shout “Malaysia boleh!!!!” every time the Malaysian athlete comes up on-screen. And regardless of the end results, you are proud of the athlete for trying their best to bring glory to our nation.

Why am I talking about sports in a clearly music-related piece (as indicated in the title)? Well, yes when it comes to sports, we support our fellow Malaysians without a hint of a doubt. Why then, is it the complete opposite when it comes to Malaysian music? We talk about how it doesn’t matter whether the athletes bring home a medal, but when it comes to local music, most of us don’t even bother giving them a chance.

So while the patriotism in all of us is ignited from the Olympic games and the upcoming anniversary of our beloved country’s Independence Day, there’s no better time to show our love to Malaysia than to support everything homegrown. So we’ve asked our Crunch of the Month, Daniel Yoong, to share with us some of his favourite Malaysian-made music to help you get started!


1) Relent – Fixed On You

“I watched them live for the first time in 2013 and I was sold. Forever a Relent fan! Looking forward to their new album!”


2) Dirgahayu – Istinggar

“I love experimental, post rock and progressive stuff, too, and this band makes me proud. To think that this was done by Malaysians… ahhh I’m so proud! I hope I get to meet them one day! (You should check out The Metaphor too if you like them!)”


3) Altered Frequency – Walk Again

“This is (sorta) old but gold! Altered Frequency might not be as active as they used to be, but they’re still a great band who makes great music.”


4) Darren Ashley – Fade Away

“I’m pretty sure Darren Ashley’s been on every top pick for Malaysian music. He’s such a talented musician and artist, mad respect for this guy. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t know him. I love his stuff, from Fade Away to his more electronic stuff.”


5) Army Of Three – Doubt Becomes Addiction

“A friend of mine brought them to my attention 7 years ago and I have loved them ever since. What’s even cooler was that I got to tour with AOT for a while a few years back and they’re now some of my closest friends in the industry. You should check out their new album “Heartcore” too, it’s insanely good!”


“Special shout out to these beasts: Ee Jing, Arthur Kam, Nigel Tay, John Thomas, Daniel Foong, Gideon Yogan, Evelyn Feroza, Dean Sim, Jared Cheow, Andy Peterson, David Yee and all the other jazz cats out there. They’re not really in a band per se, so it’s hard to include them in the list, but they’re way too talented to not be mentioned! Watch these guys play if you want a groovy/funky night out, you won’t regret it.”

You heard the man! Keep track of when local talents are playing, among other events, with our Events calendar. And if Daniel’s list has got you pumped up for more great stuff by local musicians, be sure to also give Talitha Tan’s top 5 picks a go.


And finally, don’t forget to also check out Daniel Yoong’s new album, First Love, on Bandcamp or Spotify. If you like what you hear, be sure to purchase the digital album on Bandcamp to show your support, and keep track of Daniel’s music on his social profiles.

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