When it comes to creating and drawing hennas, Karthine has all the power to let her creativity run free. But just like any other businesses with actual customers, it’s all about catering to the customers’ needs and desires. Karthine is a huge believer in letting her customers choose their preferred designs because she believes that every customized design has its own story.

In this final piece for our Crunch of July, Karthine took some time to share the process of creating an artwork that was requested by one of her more memorable clients. Read on to find out what went down from the beginning to the end result in Karthine’s very own words!


One of my latest clients, Miss Bavani Ratnam, who is a very good friend of mine, gave me the honour to be the henna artist for her wedding day. Being a well-known quilling artist herself, she had her own preference on how she wanted her henna to be exactly. The following was what she requested to be incorporated into her henna design:

  1. Elephants from her wedding card.
  2. A fern that represents New Zealand (the groom originates from there)
  3. A compass, because the groom calls her his compass – she’s always showing him the way
  4. A diamond, because the bride calls him her rock – he always keeps her grounded

In order to make her wish come true, I started by conceptualizing the idea by sketching so I’ll have a visual representation of her idea.

Karthine's initial sketch

Karthine’s initial sketch

The sketches proved to be a really useful move because I could then practice everyday by referring to the initial sketches to ensure that my daily artworks remain consistent.




And lo and behold, these are my final artwork on the bride herself!


Close-up of elephants, compass and diamond

Close-up of elephants, compass and diamond

Close-up of ferns, representing New Zealand

Close-up of ferns, representing New Zealand

With constant practice and blessings from all, I was glad that I managed to deliver the design just as requested. After all, who doesn’t like their ideas being turned into realities?



If that isn’t the sweetest background story to Karthine’s henna art, I don’t know what is! See more of Karthine’s works on our other features, as well as on her pages as follows:

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