Recently, we invaded visited Eunice Eunny’s humble home studio where she brings food to life with her extraordinary skills. Now why does that sound like she’s some kinda bomoh? Well, maybe she is. A food bomoh, to be precise, with the ability to make any food look appealing, delicious, and to die for. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Eunice’s home studio. The moment we stepped in, Eunice apologized for the “mess”, but the way I see it, it’s art. Everywhere you turn, you see her food styling props, which really puts your grandma’s kitchen utensils collection to shame.

And what’s a visit to her studio without seeing Eunice at work? ROJAK got the chance to go behind the scenes of Eunice’s shoot of Thai Basil Tea, served with a pinch of lemon for a touch of magic (see why in the video!). Eunice prefers to work with music, so we also got a sneak peek at her playlist, and let me just say that if it wasn’t artsy enough before this, it sure is fartsy now, with her selection of hipster tracks.

Check out the video at the end for a quick overview of the whole process, as well as enjoy our behind the scene photos!













With last week’s photography tips, and this little insight into how food photography is done, you’ll master it in no time as well! Be sure to check out Eunice’s collection of photos for more inspiration.


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