Talitha Tan has become an even bigger name in the local music scene from when we first sat down with her for an interview last year, where she shared about what turns her on (among other things). Yeah, she did. Don’t believe me? Go read for yourself! I’ll wait here while you do that.

Okay, you’re back to look up my name so you can look up my social profiles and send me death threats? Hey, I didn’t lie – Talitha did share about what in a guy turns her on. It’s just not the answer you’re looking for and that isn’t my fault.


Aaaaanyways, if you’re not already on your way to kill me then we can talk about Talitha’s awesome new single, Okay. Right now there are about 483 puns at the top of my head, but I’ll just shut up, okay? Okay.

Okay is written by Talitha herself, produced by homegrown talent, Darren Ashley, as part of his “Monday Juice” series, and featuring basses by Herman Ramanado. Monday Juice is, as its name suggests, freshly juiced every alternate Mondays. If you’re in desperate need of a reason to live to see another week, this is it. Monday blues? Nah bruh. Monday Juice!



The track was released about a month ago, and if you haven’t already heard it, do it RIGHT NOW! Your life isn’t complete until you’ve heard Okay. You cannot die without first hearing the song and knowing it’s DA BOMB. If you’re dying RIGHT NOW and you’ve never heard the song, I will personally find my way to you and play the song RIGHT IN YOUR EARS as you leave the world. And you will thank me for sending you off in the BEST WAY possible – drifting off to the soothing voice of Talitha as she transports you to an alternate universe (quite literallly, if you’re dying) filled with rainbows, unicorns and sunshine.

If my convincing skill isn’t working, this very beautiful visual of a nona fruit by idomoji should. Now I really want to eat a goddamn nona. And all the other goddamn fruits visuals he did for the Monday Juice series, which are DA BOMB.

Did I mention I love fruits? Oh right, this is supposed to be a music review. As I’ve mentioned, Okay is DA BOMB. Yes I’m painfully aware that I’m overusing this phrase, but I quite honestly can’t think of any other way to put it. Talitha Tan’s vocals coupled with Darren Ashley’s tunes? Just the sound of the two names together is already music to the ears.

Okay is one of those songs you can play on loop in whatever situation. Have a crush on someone who doesn’t seem to love you back? Just suffered a painful break up? Looking for a jam to dance and  bob your head along to? Or a song to keep you hyped and motivated as you jog around the neighbourhood? Or simply just to listen to something as you attempt to get some work done? Okay is a song for every occasion!

Darren Ashley’s undeniably groovy, yet melodic electronic tunes matches perfectly with Talitha’s calming voice and lyrics. And when the beat drops, even though it clearly isn’t a heavy drop, its impact just gets to me every time. Have I mentioned Talitha’s background vocals? Damn! Everything blends together to create this tingly sensation in you that makes you want to just drop everything, go to the middle of a field, and frolic around in the sun. I’m sure it isn’t just me getting these feels.

Admittedly, I don’t know the exact words of the song but quite honestly, I don’t need to! Whatever Talitha is singing about, I already understand from the emotions and music. And it makes me almost want to find someone complicated to love and who will break my heart, just so I can sing Okay to them. Almost.

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