If you said you saw the rise of the Malaysian music industry since 10 years ago, you, my friend, is a GIGANTIC little liar (yes that contradicts itself but I’m assuming 10 years ago, you’re just a little, or not so little, kid in school with zero care in the world). Let’s face it: nobody saw it happening. In fact, nobody saw K-pop, J-pop, A-pop or F-pop* happening either. So fast forward 10 years and we have a blossoming music scene that is only getting more and more competitive each day.

*Items on list may or may not exist

Gone are the days where if you played a musical instrument as a hobby (yes, for fun) and not because you are forced to do so by your definitely-Asian parents (who take the fun away even if you actually enjoy it), you’d be considered one in a million. These days, if you don’t have a musician friend, you’re one in a million (or, you know, just a loner).

With new and upcoming talents rising every day, it is only fitting that developed names in the industry are also becoming better and better as we speak (or rather, as you read/glance through my crap). Our Crunch of the Month, Talitha Tan, have had numerous originals, covers and collaborations over the years, and is still surprising us with her gifted skills each time! So, if you’ve never heard of her or her songs (blasphemy!), here are some that definitely deserves your attention.

1. Sigh

For the acoustic lovers out there, Sigh is a song you won’t want to miss. Even more so if you’re into songs that gives you all the feeeeeels as Talitha sighs to you in her sexy, sultry voice. With only simple, soft accompanying guitar chords, you can focus on Talitha’s vocal range that is successfully showcased in all its gloriness in this original.



2. Okay

If you haven’t already read my review on Talitha’s Okay, here’s a quick summary for you: it is DA BOMB! Here, as always, Talitha’s melodious voice captures the emotions of her lyrics perfectly. Couple that with the catchy 8-bit inspired beats from Darren Ashley and basses by Herman Ramanado, Okay is, in my humble opinion, something that needs to be abusively repeated on everyone’s playlist like, right now!



3. Ali Aiman ft. Talitha Tan – Cover You

Broooo, if you haven’t heard of Cover You, you’re missing out BIG time! But before I say anything, regardless of whether you’ve ever seen the music video, let’s just take a moment to appreciate this wonderful work of art.



If you’ve ever questioned the versatility of Talitha’s voice, she proves in Cover You that she’s not only capable of being sexy and sweet, but can be powerful and edgy as well. Backing up Ali Aiman’s vocals, Talitha shows us that her sound works as a harmonious accompaniment just as well. And that second verse? YOU GO GIRL! Take nothing away from Ali Aiman’s unique and melodious voice, but featuring Talitha in Cover You definitely makes the song what it is. Every repetition of Talitha’s “Surrender” in the song, from the first time, 2 seconds into the song, up to the end, gives me chills. Chills.


4. JAXX DA FISHWORKS ft. Talitha Tan – Something Good

Okay, if none of the genres above align with you then I’m going to jump to the conclusion that you’re an EDM head. And guess what? Talitha does that, too! She recently worked with JAXX DA FISHWORKS to produce Something Good as part of LightState Music’s Miami 2016 compilation.



Admittedly, I don’t know what you’d expect me to write about this piece. The beats are good? Well, no shit Sherlock, it’s an EDM. Just click play and enjoy bobbing your head along to the mix with the occasional lines from Talitha.


5. Shine On

And finally, we’re going to go way back. Shine On, written by Kieran Kuek, is another one of Talitha’s slower and softer songs. I don’t know about you, but this song just makes me so happy. It’s those “feel good” songs that’s magically calming and lifting. Clearly that’s the point of the song, but with or without the lyrics, just the music and Talitha’s emotions are good enough to make me not want to give up on life, and shine on.



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