Going by the name Reckless Escapades, Ian Koren is an alternative electro music producer. As a 20-something-year-old, Reckless Escapades is highly experienced in the music scene. At age 12, Ian started learning the guitar and writing his own songs. At age 12, most of us were frolicking around in the school field playing tag in our PJ attires, singing to the radio Top 40, busy fangirling over boy bands and rejoiced at being able to play “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on the recorder without mistakes. Writing music? What?


Ian Koren has also since been part of two bands, namely Moodswings, where he was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, and Throne Away, where he was the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. And no I’m not talking about a bunch of 14-year-olds forming a group, coming up with a fancy name, fantasizing playing at big venues around the world and then doing nothing (hey, don’t say you never did this). Moodswings released a CD and performed at competitions and small clubs, while Throne Away released an album in 2005 titled “This Accident Was Meant To Be” with 19 Records.

Soon, Ian Koren left to study at Boston and upon completion of his studies, moved to New York City to hone his skills in music. You’d think his amazing feat would end there. I mean, NYC, city of dreams, yada yada. But Ian Koren’s dreams were bigger than that. After a few years living in NYC, he eventually moved back to KL. Today, he works as a recording engineer at Maveriq Studios as Ian Koren by day, and makes indie electronic music as Reckless Escapades by night.


Two months ago, Reckless Escapades released his debut single, A Roaming Beggar, a vibe, feeling-based repetitive tune. And fairly recently, he came up with another single, These Walls, a dark electronic pop song with a strong hip-hop influence.



The song starts with very deep vocals. Very electronic, very monotonous, very not-my-thing. The first line, “Take off all your clothes,” kinda made me cringe, thinking it is like one of those Pitbull songs that’s literally just sex, money, sex, booze and more sex throughout.

Then the vocal picks up and the beat comes in. At this point, I can start bobbing my head along to the rhythm of the song and appreciate the melodious vocal line. It is also at this point that I realize the lyrics aren’t about sex, money and booze. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it’s a song with an empowering message. But I should have known, I mean, how could a song titled These Walls possibly relate to sex? Wait, I take that back. These days, anything can be totally blown out of perspective.

“Let’s break down these walls~”

Despite the music being heavily electronic, I like the fact that Ian’s soothing singing voice is showcased in the song and isn’t full-on robotic. And when it is fully auto-tuned in the bridge, it is in a way that complements the music. Overall, the song has this very catchy tune that will be stuck in your head, but not in an annoying way. If you’re a fan of the genre, I’d recommend keeping a close follow on Reckless Escapades’ future works.


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All photos sourced from Reckless Escapades’ Instagram.