In light of the upcoming R U Tough Enough? competition, ROJAK managed to score an interview with Linora Low, one of the ambassadors and leader of the female group, which is aptly named #TeamLinora. In a competition that challenges and pushes participants through all sorts of strength endurance, it’s not even a surprise that Linora is chosen to lead the women’s team. Considering the fact that she’s a radio DJ, TV host, emcee, brand ambassador and a well-known fitness personality, it seems like there’s nothing she can’t do. If anything, Linora can be the epitome of tough – both mentally and physically. Read on to learn more about her fitness program, her hopes for the competition and her favourite cheat meal!


Tell us more about what got you into the fitness scene. What sparked your interest in the very beginning?

I got into the fitness scene by chance. I really wanted to improve and better myself. Little did I know that what I posted on social media became an inspiration for others. I’ve never looked back from there. As I strongly believe, you have one body and one life, love it and take care of it as much as you can. Without your health, you can’t do anything.


How do you continue to motivate yourself?

Setting a goal is one of the main things to motivate oneself. Change happens when we make a decision to do something.  My goal is to be as healthy and fit as I possibly can be when I’m at a ripe old age. It’s a long term plan. There will be times where I will fall off the fitness bandwagon, because life happens, but I just remind myself of why I started. I’d go watch some motivational videos/speeches and that’s enough to get the fire burning again.


What was your biggest obstacle to date?

I’m the only person that is hindering myself from the things I can do. I still have a long way to go to reach my potential, and my personal perceptions or limitations are the biggest obstacles. I’m my worst critic and cheerleader, and I have yet to get past me.


Any thoughts about the fitness scene in Malaysia?

I feel the fitness scene is just in its infancy stage. We have some great motivators in this country, but I hope that the rest of Malaysia can continue a path to improving their lives through exercise.


There are a lot of girls who think that lifting will make them too muscular, alter their body shape and whatnot. As a result, this discourages them to workout. How do you refute that?

I get that all the time. Girls need to understand that our body is not built with testosterone that will cause a person to get bulky. They need to see that their body will look a lot better, leaner and stronger by doing weight training. Cardio works but after some time, it won’t burn but eat at your muscles instead, which is the thing that will cause you to burn more calories at rest. I could go on and on. But it’s only until girls try it for themselves and remove the stereotype that girls shouldn’t lift. It’s something that still requires some educating.


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have when it comes to protein powder, fat burner and other supplements?

They think it’s a miracle worker. Protein powder won’t make you bigger and fat burners won’t make you thin. Those will work when you combine it with adequate exercise and good nutrition. There’s no running away from it. They do however enhance metabolic rate, like the fat burner and protein, which will help in rebuilding your torn muscles when you work out. Best to read about them, don’t just take it for the sake of taking these supplements.


There are many different kinds of fitness programs, like Crossfit, Powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic Weight Lifting, just to name a few. Which one are you most into and why?

The closest fitness program I follow is bodybuilding. It allows me to focus in my own time, and I control what I want to do with my body. Personalization is key. It means that I can do it in my own time and on my own terms. This program suits my lifestyle and I feel like it fuels me whenever I pick up a heavy metal.


You seem to be handling so many things at the same time. What do you actually do in your leisure time?

Leisure time… Of late, it is to go for a movie, chill out and have dinner with family or friends. When time permits, although it hasn’t yet, I would love to go for a beach holiday! Or to just stay at a hotel.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I’d like to develop my passion of creating my own fitness channel. From food and fitness to motivation and flow – all housed under one roof. I’ve got my motivation apparel brand, MetaWolf, to keep me busy when I’m not on the radio, and the rest has yet to be revealed! This is only just the beginning for me!

Keith Foo and Linora Low, ambassadors of R U Tough Enough?

Keith Foo and Linora Low, ambassadors of R U Tough Enough?

From what I understand, this year’s R U Tough Enough? competition pits men against women. What do you hope to inspire from this competition? 

I hope this will inspire women to not be afraid of obstacles in life. We are in a time where females are becoming more independent and proving that we are just as capable as men. In the realm of sport and physicality, I feel that a lot of females shy away because of the stereotype that believes that we don’t really belong in those realms. We may not be as physically strong, cause we aren’t built that way, but I believe that a female has more resilience than a man, especially when it comes to getting what we want. In short, I hope R U Tough Enough? will be able to remove the stereotype that says that only males are meant to be the tough people in life.


Care to give some hints on what the challenges in R U Tough Enough? are going to be like? What can the contestants look forward to and beware of from the competition?

I can’t reveal anything yet, but for all participants, train hard! I’ve been told that when the top five have been chosen, they can work out with me at Celebrity Fitness if they want to be prepared for the challenges. But I can say that you can look forward to some fierce competition coming from #TeamLinora.


Word of advice for those joining the competition?

Be prepared for anything.


As it is ROJAK’s tradition, we asked Linora completely random and irrelevant questions just because we can.

Favourite cheat meal?

Big burger with fries and/or nasi briyani with lamb.

Captain America or Iron Man?

Captain America cause it’s Chris Evans! *swoon*

If you could remain an age for the rest of your life, how old would you be and why?
27. I’m not too old, not too young and there’re so many things I feel I can do at that age.

Dream vacation?

Too many places, but I wouldn’t mind Hawaii.

Lose a leg or lose an arm?

An arm.

Do you sing in the shower?

Not usually. But I will rock the occasional tune when I’m soaping up the suds.


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