Just last week, ROJAK invited all of you to check out PS, LOL, a collaborative event held by the Event Management class of KDU University College, together with Utropolis Marketplace. The event spanned from July 20th to July 24th, with the official launch taking place on July 21st. Different days saw an array of attractions like free face painting, pony rides, fun fair games, a petting zoo, free cotton candy and popcorn, and more.


The main attraction is, of course, the lollipop mural which was truly a sight to behold. 64,000 lollipops, standing at 10 by 4 meters, were painstakingly attached to the wall, one at a time, by the 64 students from the class. These amazing young people took 3 days to complete the mural and their efforts paid off handsomely when it successfully earned a page on the Malaysia Book of Records! I mean, really, how many of us can say that we’ve managed to contribute to something that is literally record-breaking? I don’t know about you but I’d probably just give up halfway and eat the remaining lollipops. I wonder if there’s a record for most lollipops consumed in one day, hmm…

The building process

The building process


Since PS, LOL is all about combating stress and spreading happiness, it definitely did not disappoint in putting a smile on people’s faces and making them forget about their worries, even if just for a day, before they go back to being stressed the next day. We all have our own guilty pleasures and stress relievers, no? Some find comfort in sleeping, some prefer gaming, maybe a few seek relief in cute, fluffy animals, while the majority of us stuff ourselves with food. Guess what’s better than your own stress reliefs? Finding all types of stress relievers under one roof!


As mentioned beforehand, there were a handful of activities for one to participate in at the event. Good, old fun fair games? Check. Retail therapy in the form of vendors? Check. Being all artsy-fartsy with face painting? Check. Cooing over bunnies? Check. Free food? Check. I’m sure you can find a few that suits your fancy. I may have been a little too excited over cotton candy, to be honest.




If you haven’t paid this event a visit, you should drop whatever you’re doing and drive/cycle/walk there now, like right now, because you probably won’t come across something like this in a while. Now excuse me while I fix my wig so that I’m able to line up for more free cotton candy again. Hey, no judgments, please. I’m a proud Malaysian after all, and I like free stuff, okay?

The Events Management class and KDU lecturers

The Events Management class and KDU lecturers