I don’t know many photographers, but the few I’ve interviewed all share one thing in common – they hate it when people praise their cameras as the source of all their good pictures. Admittedly, it plays a part, but when it comes to the final result, their skills, effort and creativity gets all the credit, okay? Other than the aforementioned, our Crunch of the Month, Eunice Eunny, shares some noteworthy tips on how to produce a good picture. This article comes from the words of the sifu herself, so be sure to pay attention if you’re a budding photographer (or if you’re bored of your front camera and would like to snap photos of other things) because Eunice and her pictures are no child’s play.


1) Natural light

The main factors that determine the mood of your images are all about quality, quantity and direction. I always prefer to take photos using natural light and snap my food pictures with a light source from the side.



2) Colour balance

As a general rule, we tend to prefer photos with a warm, golden tone. The warmest light naturally occurs around sunrise and sunset, and this is why I think those are the best time to shoot food pictures. The colour temperature of a photo can be modified by adjusting the white balance setting on your camera. Try to avoid using flash as much as possible because the harsh light will make your food pictures look less appealing.



3) Compositions

Composition is the way elements are arranged in an image. Composition includes all the elements in a photo and not just the primary object. The human eye tends to prefer images that have a certain sense of order, while rejecting images that are chaotic. That is the basic difference between good composition and poor composition, though it’s obviously a lot more complicated than that when you move past the basics.

In order to develop a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in a photographic composition, remember to use a tripod to lock your frame, fix the position of your main subject and from there, move around other props. You may progressively add in or remove props/ingredients to see what makes up the best photo.




4) Food styling

What makes a desirable food photo? One word: styling, styling, styling. Well technically, that’s 3 words, but it proves a point in emphasizing how important it is. Imagine all foods as women – they are beautiful and unique in their own ways, but they can always enhance their beauty by putting in a little bit of effort in looking glamorous and presentable. For example, imagine spices and herbs as cosmetics; kitchenware as dresses and shoes. We need to invest in things that make us look pretty, no? So, go ahead and dress up your food! I’m sure they’d appreciate it.



To further enhance your skills, browse through Eunice’s collection of photographs and be inspired! And when you’ve mastered the art of food photography, be sure to share them with us so we can drool all over it.


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