If you kept up, you’d know that Daniel Yoong‘s music is not one to be missed. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out his music on Bandcamp or Spotify, and also our take on them here. Go on, I’ll wait for you while you do so.

Back for more? Great! You’d be delighted to know that ROJAK has got exclusive never before seen, live studio videos of Daniel Yoong and his band, jamming to Dreaming and Talking To The Walls from his album, “First Love.” How cool is that?! Enjoy the following videos, and don’t break the replay button!



If you enjoyed the videos, be sure to share them! Videos courtesy of Edvard Lee from Eidolon Records and Aaron Jiam from BlueCross Studios.


If you like what you hear, be sure to purchase the digital version of “First Love” on Bandcamp to show your support. While you’re at that, don’t forget to also check out Daniel’s social media profiles as follows:

Facebook: Daniel Yoong
Website: www.danielyoong.com
Instagram: @danielyjk
YouTube: PMdanielES