In light of our Crunch of the Month, TMK Henna by Karthine Maniam, we’re channelling our artistic spirit and hopping onto the henna bandwagon! So we’ve seen Karthine creating some pretty breathtaking henna art on a handful of girls, admire her work, and maybe even get a little bit jealous because some of us (including yours truly) cannot even draw a decent stickman. Fortunately for all of you who are artistically-challenged out there, and to those who want to pick up the henna-drawing skill, you’re in for some great treats if you’re reading this.

We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a simple henna design for beginners by Karthine herself! Don’t forget to pay close attention, take notes and try it out! Maybe you can rate your replica on a scale of ‘Henna-drawing is not for me’ to ‘Slightly below Karthine’s level.’ I’d try it out, too, but I’ll probably just land on the ‘Don’t pick up a pencil ever again’ scale.

Step 1

Start with a small dot on the centre to serve as the focal point and draw a ring-shaped figure around it.


Step 2

Draw more rings around the focal point. Surround the inner circumference of the circles with more circles at equal distances to each other.


Step 3

The circles from the previous steps serves as a base for flower petals. Draw petals in equal sizes around the circle.


Step 4

This step is optional. You can fill in the petals to get a more intricate drawing.


Step 5

Draw a circle around the petals. Don’t worry about getting a perfect circle, because the petals of equal sizes gives an illusion of a perfect round shape.


Step 6

Draw tiny triangle shapes around the outline and fill them with colour.


Step 7

If you want a bigger mandala, you can repeat another layer of patterns.


Step 8

Use the centre point as your reference and draw a straight line going downwards. Then draw some strokes on the line to create a feather. Just remember that in order to draw a feather, you need to start with a long stroke and end with a small one.


Step 9

Draw two more curved lines as shown in the picture and draw more strokes on the lines.


Step 10

And there you have it! A dream catcher!




Try it out on a friend and share your works with us at #TMKHenna! Don’t forget to also check out Karthine’s social media pages for more inspiration.


Facebook: TMK HENNA by Karthine Maniam
Instagram: @tmk_henna