What’s having TMK Henna by Karthine Maniam as our Crunch of the Month, without actually getting a henna done on ourselves, right? So that’s exactly what we did! Recently, we got the chance to catch up with Karthine (again), this time to get an exclusive look on her doing her thang. In a short 10 minutes, Karthine was done with her intricate design of a cute baby elephant.

They say that pictures speak a thousand words, so instead of me blabbering about how incredible Karthine’s skills are (or maybe I’m just lazy… you’ll never know), enjoy our photos and a short video at the end to see how henna art is done.









Like what you see? Check out more of Karthine’s works on her page, and don’t forget to check out our other features as well!

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Instagram: @tmk_henna