I absolutely couldn’t care for Finding Nemo. There, I said it. I was one of the few people in the world that could not be bothered, AT ALL, about Finding Nemo. Nemo is missing? Well, boo hoo dumpling doo. I didn’t give a tiny rat’s ass if Nemo was chopped up into tiny pieces, turned to curry and served with the finest Roti Telur Garing at the roadside mamak. To be fair, I was a kid – 10-years-old to be exact – and as a kid, I only wanted to watch two things: One, cool shit exploding; two, hot babes. Finding Nemo has none of those elements and so I hated it with a passion.


Fast forward to 2016, and I frankly couldn’t give a fuck about watching Finding Dory. It was perhaps my least anticipated movie of the year. Seriously, if Liam Neeson couldn’t make a “finding” sequel awesome, how on earth are FISHES gonna do it? It’s not just a sequel, but a sequel centered around the most annoying character from the first movie. Oh God, sounds like Minions all over again. Am I the only one who thought Dory deserved 200 bitch slaps in the first movie? No, I’m not saying people who suffer from short term memory loss deserve to be bitch slapped. Don’t put words in my mouth.

But guys, I was wrong, on so many different levels. Finding Dory, although its title is grammatically incorrect, is awesome! I say grammatically incorrect because this movie isn’t so much Finding Dory but rather Dory Finding, since Dory is the one doing the finding. For her parents. But who cares? This movie could have been called FISHES PEEING RAINBOWS for all I know, and it’d still rock.


Don’t get me wrong, this IS NOT one of Disney/Pixar’s best. It doesn’t come close to the likes of Inside Out, The Incredibles or Toy Story. But, Finding Dory is, thus far, the best Disney/Pixar sequel. But, considering Monsters University is basic cliché stuff and Cars 2 is pretty much Hitler’s piss, this may not be saying much. But, while it isn’t the best Disney/Pixar movie nor the best movie of the year so far, it’s certainly the biggest surprise. I just used three “buts” in a row. But within a but within a but. Butception!


Let’s address the elephant in the room first. All of you want to know if this movie has cute shit in it. I have never, EVER called ANYTHING cute in my life, besides girls. Baymax? NO. Minions? FUCK NO. When baby Dory popped up for the first time, I BEAMED! Holy shit! Baby Dory is the most adorable non-human character I have ever seen. Guys, I have not gone soft, okay? Really. Believe me. Baby Dory is the REAL MVP!

Okay, done. You’ll never hear me say that again. Here’s a picture of Leonidas from 300. THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!! BLOOD!! BLOOD! ABS! FIGHT!! BLOOD!! DESTROY!! HELL!!! BLOOOOOOD!!! GORE!!!

Photo via: TMDb

Photo via: TMDb

Anyway, Finding Dory is, on the surface, about Dory – voiced by Ellen Degeneres – trying to find her long lost parents. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s about overcoming your disabilities and worst fears. It’s about sticking it to the man. This movie also tells you that sometimes in life, things may not always go according to plan, or heck you may not even have a plan. But it is during moments like these where you have to trust your gut and take risks. Often times, parents tend to be overprotective, watching over their child’s every move. Finding Dory says it’s okay to let your children fall and get wounded.


That’s a testament to Andrew Stanton and Victoria Strouse’s tight screenplay. Not only is the plot layered, the dialogues are, too. This is one of those movies, just like all good Disney/Pixar movies, where adults will probably enjoy it more than kids. Kids will remember the colours and the adventure, while adults, the deeper meaning and the hilarious dialogues. It never ceases to amaze me how these movies, although primarily aimed at kids, doesn’t opt to use silly fart jokes for cheap laughs. Burn in hell Smurfs!! The pacing of it is excellent too. Directed beautifully by Andrew Stanton and Angus Maclane, Finding Dory does not sit around and waste time. We know what the story is about within the first 10 minutes or so, and then it’s as if Andrew Stanton strapped a jet-pack to this movie’s ass.

What prevents Finding Dory from being great is it really fails in the emotional side of things. It would have been fine, if the movie wasn’t trying to be emotional. I mean, I didn’t shed a tear watching The Incredibles. The problem is, there are times where this movie tries, really really really really really really hard to make you cry, but it falls flat. But perhaps the weirdest choice this movie makes comes at the very end, where it sacrifices wit and intelligence for cheesy, lame-ass slapstick humour. A truck driving octopus? C’mon.


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