If your idea of the best time ever is sitting at your desk in your jammies, one hand scrolling through stupid videos on Facebook and the other in a can of Pringles, all day err’ day, then heyyyyy, we’re gonna get along really well and be bffs for lyfe! But as your bff for lyfe, I have to also tell you that it can be fun to leave your room and do things other than scrolling through Facebook and stuffing your face with junk food some times. And what better way to spend time out of your room than at Bistro Suka Duka?


Bistro Suka Duka, hosted by Callork, is going to be an immersive art experience with art installations, spoken word, music and immersive theater. Give your ears a treat with music from local electro pop enthusiast alextbh, and acoustic singer-songwriter Hello Luqman. If that isn’t enough eargasm for you, there’s also going to be spoken word poetry from Melizarani T. Selva and Jack Malik. You also won’t want to miss Nadine Norzhudy’s immersive live theater performance when she takes the stage.

If that isn’t enough, there will be multiple art installations set-up on location for the crowd to interact with as well. All these gathered in one single place? Unbelievable, right? Totally worth leaving your room, the Internet, and changing out of your jammies for, right? It doesn’t end here, though! BEAN BROTHERS will also be giving visitors a 50% off their coffee on that day!


So mark your calendars and see you on 1 October! For more information, check out Bistro Suka Duka’s Facebook event page.