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The Mind. The Ground.

Wrote this while I was having as what people would call “the monkey mind.” The flow just came, and I am proud and excited to share this with people!

There’s no where to run. No where to hide.
I’m inside you. I’m the demon in your heart.
Polluting your gorgeous soul.
Who am I?
I am your mind. Or am I?
I am the one that keeps you awake at night.
I am your computer, your phone, your internet, your friends.
The one that keeps you coming for more.
Am I really your mind? Or am I just some unhealthy part of you called addiction.

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Daniel Tan

Loves story-telling. Loves writing. Loves art.

We will win gold!

They say sports brings happiness. Watching your favourite athlete score the winning goal at the very last second, or nail that final point, is a different kind of special. Well, that’s probably true, unless you’re a fan of Arsenal and/or the French football team and/or Malaysian Badminton. Then the emotions you feel is the kind that turns beautiful babies into murderous psychopaths. One minute you’re a sucking on a nipple, puking cuteness, next minute you’re killing Jewish people.

Okay, I’m sure there was a point to that opening paragraph. Right. Malaysia lost the big one, again. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t one of those articles where I go on a 1000-words bitch rant. You can read my article on Arsene Wenger, for that. I’m proud of Goh Liu Ying & Chan Peng Soon, I really am. It’s the first time in Malaysian history we’ve gone this far in mixed doubles badminton. Getting SILVER at the Olympics is an amazing feat that only a select few will be able to take to their graves. It’s also important to note that most people (myself included) did not expect this highly talented but also highly inconsistent pair to actually make it to the finals. So, eat shit Dedpewl!

But this is pretty much same shit different day for Malaysian badminton. We lack the mental fortitude when it matters most. It really shows. When we fumble, we get nervous and we’re never able to recover. That is the Malaysian problem, regardless of what sport it is. Believe me, it translates to e-Sports too. Fanatic fans will know what I’m talking about. Heck, forget sports, Malaysia’s mental fortitude, or lack thereof, is very apparent even in our day to day lives. It’s deep rooted in our culture. Something needs to be done. We have to change.

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Dashran AKA Dedpewl

Spends half of his time convincing anyone who would listen to watch Fight Club, and the other half trying to figure out why people consider White Chicks and Ouija to be good films.

Bullet-point Philosophy for Bolehland

I began tweeting in 2011. It’s a goddamned glorified waste of time – you should try it. Nothing like keying in 140 characters to get one’s mind off that 10-mile traffic jam or 10-page office e-mail or that grade-10 hot babe/hunk.

Anyway, I hope the following selections of my tweets over the past half-year make you smile, think, righteously pissed-off, “inspired”, blahblahblah.


  • A website has 8 seconds to grab attention. An FB post has less than half that time. How long do public speakers n educators think THEY have?
  • Parenthood: When you rejoice whenever absolutely nothing happens.
  • Of all the superheroes, surely the Thing got the worst deal?
  • When you refuse to ‘like’ someone’s FB updates, but you refuse to Unfollow them too. #getalife
  • Unless they crap on you, it’s impossible to be pissed off by small birds.
  • The one thing which WON’T make me calm? Some suited ‘high-powered’ idiot in the paper urging me to remain calm.
  • We need a sign in university classrooms: “Responsible profanity is allowed.” #education
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is proof you don’t need a good body to become a Hollywood elite. Heck, you hardly need a body at all.
  • I’m starting to suspect that adolescents today are repelled by linear thought. #education
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Alwyn Lau

School is over-rated. Period.


I think being in a relationship with yourself is very important. Isn’t it funny how a relationship status is so important nowadays? Look at us – we’re fighting to fit the expectations of society in ways of appearance, ways to behave, what you should or should not do. Are we all not tired of living up to other people’s expectations? Shouldn’t we be only pleasing ourselves instead of trying to live up to other’s ridiculous expectations that are infinite and unsatisfactory? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Torturing ourselves for all these silly things just so we can fit in?

Now, what was I saying? RIGHT – HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF IS CRUCIAL. So what if you don’t have a so called ‘BAE’? So what if you’ve been single for a long time? You’re allowed to be, and you shouldn’t have to answer to people who don’t know how to mind their own business. Please don’t ever compromise yourself for that relationship status. Never ever do that for anyone. It’s not worth it. To be frank, I did and I learnt it the hard way. We’re not perfect, loves, but it doesn’t mean we should do things to harm ourselves because in the end, the only people we’re hurting are ourselves.

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Denise Fong

Born in Alor Star and raised in Penang, Denise, or Fufy (as her friends call her), has loved writing since her kindergarten days. She enjoys writing about anything and everything that intrigues her.

I’m Popular for Being Unpopular

So what’s my problem here? Not being able to catch up on the latest K-dramas because I’m not interested? Not being able to apply mascara without twitching every 2 seconds with a brush that I think will stab me to death? Playing MMORPGs in the early hours of the morn while others are busy sleeping (is that the sun already?)?

I have never been part of the in-crowd because of my peculiar hobbies and likings. Many of you will be thinking, “Sure everyone’s different in their own way, you’re just not meeting people of your own crowd.” And the list goes on and on and on. To be basically honest, I’ve only been known as the odd duck of the bunch. Most of my friends now are so into makeup tutorials, newest Korean dramas, while I sit here in my room giggling at the chats that I have with people online. People face this issue when they reach the age of realization of having a liking towards different things. But I was at that point when I was merely about 7 years old.

Not only were the things I like different from others, even my language was alien to most of my peers. Going to a Chinese school, people expected you to speak Mandarin, of course. I, on the other hand, have been exposed to English most of the time growing up. So when I couldn’t communicate well with others through my usage of English, I had a rather rough time with everyone around me, and I stayed silent for most of my schooling time because I couldn’t converse naturally in the lingua franca of the school. Which is the basis of how I started being unpopular, just because I was a tad (if not, a lot) different from what people usually are.

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Haru Kirst

Full-time uni student, part-time artist who just wants to write and write and sleep and write.

An Open Letter – Dear You

Dear Reader,

Your life is what you do to define its worth.

In case you have not been told, you do not need to bow down to anything that is said of you, anyone’s opinions of you or what they expect you to be. This is in regard if you really have put in a hundred percent of excellence in your effort to reach your dreams and goals.

Do not let anyone make you second-guess your potential to live a life you envision because the only person that will cling onto your dreams with all your heart is yourself. How much you believe in yourself and how wise you are in charting out your time for the things that matter; these decisions are in your hands. It’s all about what you do with what you have now that will matter so get up and do it.

Use what you have to gather even more resources for the future and make peace with your past. Let not past mistakes and failures become a baggage you carry into your new Utopia, but let those shortcomings be your testimony for victorious living and turn it into a secure shield that prevents you from making similar faults.

You can choose. Why? Because this is your life, and how you live it should never be dictated by other people’s standards. In this, be thoroughly true to yourself. Your life is the only masterpiece you will ever fully own and one that you have utmost control of, so make it what you want it to be.

Make it bright; make it beautiful, and make it shine.

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Josephine Phang

A Penangite and classified Ambivert. Also a dreamer, a writer, a novel enthusiast (think Amy Tan & Mitch Albom), an amateur shutterbug, and a future self-employed, wanderlust.

10 Things I’ve Learned in the F&B Business

Have you ever wanted to venture into the interesting world of F&B business? GREAAAAT. This post is perfect for you. If not, you still can read it if you ever want to venture into any businesses as it is somewhat applicable.

For those who do not know, I’ve co-founded an F&B business called Gee & Geek Restaurant Cafe last year. It was an idea my friend and I talked about over our breakfast sessions. We both knew that we wanted to explore this whole new world that we have never been in before. We had a bit of savings since I’ve been teaching private tuitions for a couple of years and he has made a fortune with his sales skills. We were both 23 years young and full of dreams. To cut the whole long story short, our idea of starting a Chap Fan store became a Mamak and eventually became a Restaurant Café. Go big or go home right?

So here it goes-



Be ready to lose sleep. You’ll encounter all kind of problems that’ll keep you up till ungodly hours. If you can’t get back up after being knocked down a hundred and one times in a day, don’t get into it.



Think of a marriage- when there are things that can’t be talked out with your spouse, the marriage will fall apart. Everything in the business shouldn’t be hidden from your business partners and you’ve to sort out problems between each other for things to work out. If you don’t look forward to seeing their face daily, think twice about working together with them. You want to be proud of them being your #squadgoals.

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Ivan Lim

Engineering student. Tuition teacher. Business owner. Skyward's. Forever chasing after adventures to entertain my ADHD mind. Believes that life is God's given grace to humanity so #makeitcount.


I stare at the almost-blank document in front of me. There are random black spots on the otherwise perfectly white piece of A4 paper; I know it is photocopied. Or photostated, as us Malaysians call it. You’d think that in 2012, the process for registering for a major national examination would be less barbaric than a photocopied sheet of paper.



Tarikh Lahir.

Nombor IC.




That is where I pause. Like the countless times before. It happens almost too often for it to even be considered déjà vu. Every single official documentation. Every single form. Every single government-issued paperwork. The checklist that proceeds bangsa is one that I am not a stranger to. Melayu. China. India.




Yes, I am not Malay, Chinese nor Indian. Yes, I am a minority in a country dominated by three huge classes. Yes, my Thai ethnicity enables people to associate me with Thailand rather than my home country, Malaysia. But that does not mean I will gladly check the “others” box. That does not mean that I will wear a smile on my face as I comply to this segregation with a seemingly effortless “X” on this box.


But I check it anyway. Because I am Malaysian.

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Vanneeda Keowmang

A born and raised Penangite who's currently pursuing a BFA in Film in NYU. She grapples with her obsession of laser pointers, tunnels and bone structure on a daily basis.

Zootopia Review

Blending strong message of prejudice and discrimination with classic detective story, ZOOTOPIA is a fun yet well-meaning animated comedy.

Animated comedies about talking animals are already done to death, but ZOOTOPIA manages to breathe new life to the otherwise worn-out genre often seen from a Disney production. The result is a surprisingly meaningful, yet exciting animated movie made relevant for both kids and adults.


Sometimes too many cooks in one kitchen can ruin a potentially good meal. Such case happens to a movie as well. But thankfully, ZOOTOPIA is one of those movies where more than one creative mind actually works wonders to blend a coherent motion picture. Thanks to the amazing inputs of Byron Howard (2010’s TANGLED), Rich Moore (2012’s WRECK-IT RALPH) and Jared Bush, ZOOTOPIA successfully reimagine a vibrant world inhabited by different types of animals where the predators and the preys live together in harmony. And just like the multi-racial human world we are living today, this animated movie also includes relevant topical issues such as racial prejudice and discrimination. Using that as a template, certain predators are either depicted as bullies (such as the Cape buffalo Chief Bogo belittle bunny Judy Hopps in the beginning) or racists/bias (such as the scene in the elephant-dominated ice cream shop). No doubt it was a refreshing change of pace for a Disney animated movie that doesn’t shy away from showcasing an honest viewpoint of today’s society.

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Casey Chong

An avid movie lover who still thinks HK cinema peaked in the '90s, and shaky-cam used in many Hollywood action movies these days need to be toned down already.