Close your eyes and imagine. Oh wait. If you close your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to read. Never mind, open your eyes and imagine. You’re chilling and having a conversation with your friends at a local mamak, when suddenly WWE comes on TV.


Friend: Who watches this shit nowadays?

Another friend: Yeah man. Maybe when we were kids, it was quite cool lah. *laughs*

You: Err, I still watch it.


It is at this point where, not just your friends, but the mamak waiter – who never remembers orders correctly by the way (Milo KOSONG Ais bro, not Milo Ais Diabetes Special) – and the resident beggar shoots you a “you-have-no-life” look. And then…


Friend: Eh you know it’s fake right?


It is at this point, where you start evaluating your options:

1) Should I or should I not send the motherfucker who called pro-wrestling fake to Suplex City?

2) Maybe it’s best if I just smile and nod.

3) Should I pull out a whiteboard and marker and begin lecturing these fools?


You (thinking to yourself): Nah, let’s not get violent here. But I’m also too prideful about my passion to just smile and nod. Fine, whiteboard it is!

You: Okay, look guys, pro-wrestling is not fake, it’s scripted. *Proceeds to give a two-hour lecture on anything and everything pro-wrestling, including the rise of the Internet Wrestling Community, excluding Katie Vick (because you’re trying to make a point, not make yourself look like an idiot)*


*Two hours later*


Friends: Oh look! Women’s wrestling. BEWBS!


So, what does this have to do with WrestleCon 2016 by Malaysian Pro-Wrestling (MyPW), Malaysian Wrestling Club (MWC) and Peminat Gusti Malaysia (PGM)? Absolutely nothing. Just thought I’d share a story.

In all my years of being a pro-wrestling fan, I’ve never actually attended a live event. That all changed last Saturday at WrestleCon 2016, which is sorta like Malaysia’s Wrestlemania. Yeah, I know right? Who knew Malaysia actually had its own wrestling scene? Pretty dope, if you ask me.

Replica WWE World Championship Belt

Replica WWE World Championship Belt

WrestleCon 2016 started off as how you would expect most conventions to kick off – cosplay contests, video game competitions and the likes. To be perfectly honest, it was a little bit underwhelming at first. There weren’t many people who took part in these activities and the breaks were a little too long at times. However, what this wrestling convention did have was RM30 wrestling T-shirts (which are usually sold at RM50 to RM60), and also cheesy hotdogs for RM4. If that doesn’t scream VALUE, I don’t know what will.

The real fun started at around 4pm. Wrestling babyyy!

The first match of the night was an 8-man international tag team match between The Eurasian Dragon, NYC & Mighty Arrow, and Greg Glorious, Paksa, EK Baki & The Statement. This was my personal favourite match of the night, as all these superstars provided a match with non-stop action, dangerous spots, as well as full-on entertainment in terms of storytelling.

Beautiful top rope crossbody

Beautiful top rope crossbody

The night continued with a hardcore match for the MyPW Extreme Championship. It was a triple threat match this time around, between Lady Killer, Double K and Razza. Two things stood out to me in this match. One, you know how Triple-H uses a sledgehammer in these match-types? Well, bitch please, Double K brought out a dustpan. The best part was, the crowd actually started chanting “Penyodok! Penyodok! Penyodok!” It doesn’t get any more badass than that. Cool thing number two: Lady Killer started bleeding.

Lady Killer soaking in the crowd support

Lady Killer soaking in the crowd support

Lady Killer gets destroyed by Razza

Lady Killer gets destroyed by Razza

Next up, was a gauntlet match featuring Dastan, Gotham, Serigala and a bunch of other guys, including a mystery competitor. Turns out, the mystery competitor was Anthony, who was the commentator. I find it funny how just a while back, he was an emcee at PS, LOL, and now, he got his ass whooped in the wrestling ring. Am I breaking kayfabe here?

The next match was women’s wrestling, and thankfully it wasn’t one of those shitty evening gown matches. Poppy, Pheonix and Luna may not have been as crisp as some of the other superstars on the card, but this match was fun nonetheless. What surprised me was some of the high-flying spots that these girls did. Hats off!

Glorious backbreaker

Glorious backbreaker

Side note: It was a bummer that Scarlett wasn’t a part of WrestleCon 2016 though.

The main event of WrestleCon 2016 featured Shaukat and The D. While the match didn’t contain the best “wrestling” of the night, the storytelling was electric here. Both superstars looked desperate and Shaukat slowly grew angrier during the match. In the end, The D retained the title after a low blow to Shaukat. Sounds like a cop out? Don’t worry, the night didn’t end there as Shaukat proceeded to decimate everyone, including the ring-announcer and referee. Heel turn maybe?

All in all, WrestleCon 2016 was a blast. Where many of the superstars lacked in in-ring ability, they supplemented with bucket loads of charisma. It was my first day watching pro-wrestling live, but it certainly won’t be my last.

Malaysian fans waving the Jalur Gemilang proudly

Malaysian fans waving the Jalur Gemilang proudly

Other matches on the card included:

  • Furious Faizal VS A-5th for the MyPW Wrestlecon Championship
  • Emman ‘The Kid’ VS Farish The Killer Clown VS The Asian Warrior Daryl Wong


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