What’s your definition of “tough”? Is it the ability to transfer physical powers stored on a special diamond-shaped seal on your forehead to your fist to upend the earth and save the ninja world? Is it the ability to endure and come out of being in the same room with 10 annoying, screaming children without any deaths (be it your own’s, or the spawns of satan childrens’)? The former of brute strength is mostly associated to men (opposite story if you live in the Naruto universe), while the latter of perseverance is to women. So what happens when we pit “tough” men and women together?


KIX HD (Astro Channel 729) wants to find the answer to the ultimate question of which gender is tougher, with the return of R U Tough Enough?. The competition will shortlist 10 contestants, comprising of 5 male and 5 female contestants, to go through a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges, to determine the tougher gender in this special “Man versus Woman” edition.

Challengers will be lead by celebrated radio talent and fitness enthusiast, Linora Low from MIX fm, and Malaysia’s number one hero, Keith Foo, in #TeamLinora and #TeamKeith respectively.


“Toughness for me is more than the appearance of being physically muscular and strong. It is about challenging the norms and benchmarks set by society and myself to redefine toughness for a woman.” – Linora Low


“Being tough is about setting my mind towards overcoming the challenges life throws at us on a daily basis. It is about keeping that positivity and optimism even when the going gets really tough.” – Keith Foo


And if having the hottest and toughest Malaysians as your leaders isn’t motivation enough for you, the champion of R U Tough Enough? will walk away with the grand prize of RM30,000 and be crowned “Malaysia’s Toughest”. An explodingly thick wallet and bragging rights? Sign me up already!

Tough Troopers at The Curve

Tough Troopers at The Curve

If you’re Malaysian, above 18, and human (our writer is terribly sorry if you’re not human and she got you hyped up for nothing), then sign up today at www.KIX-TV.com/tough. That’s it! Participants will be narrowed down for an audition in April to shortlist 10 finalists who will take center stage and battle it out in an obstacle course at Sunway Pyramid, on June 4th.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply online now and who knows, you could be the one to walk away with that RM30,000 that you should totally share with me for sharing the news with you.


R U Tough Enough? is brought to you by Watsons, co-sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend and the official healthcare provider KPJ Healthcare Berhad, with the official partner Astro, the venue partner Sunway Pyramid, and the fitness partner Celebrity Fitness.


All photos sourced from KIX.