The last time ROJAK had a chat with Talitha Tan, the songstress told us a little background story on how she started singing and performing, and her hopes for the year 2015. Fast forward to today, Talitha Tan has gone places and it’s only mandatory that she tells us all about it! From her new single, Okay, and her feature in Ali Aiman’s Cover You, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another interview with her yet again in the very near future to catch up on all her achievements. Who knows, maybe she’ll be nominated for a Grammy or something, huh? Read on to pick up from where she left off.

Photo via: GUMBALL

Photo via: GUMBALL

It’s been more than a year! How much do you think you have grown or changed from the last time ROJAK interviewed you?

A lot! So much so that I wouldn’t know where to start! *laughs*

The local music scene in Malaysia seems to be improving with time. What do you still hope will change or happen in the next few years?

I hope that there would be more musical platforms, more places to perform, more music venues and more music related events. Also, more understanding towards the music industry would be great. And just the general stuff like more support, I guess?

What about hopes for your own journey?

I would love to achieve international status! As for short term goals, I’d love to release an album, hopefully by next year, and an EP by this year.

We can’t wait! Tell us a little about your music. Where do you find inspiration when you write songs?

Personal life experience, as I happen to only write about how I feel. I love sad songs, they’re just so beautiful.

Do you prefer sticking to a specific genre or branching out more?

I guess I’m allowed to say that I am currently still looking for my sound? I’m really into the whole indie, electronic, acoustic, R&B and a little jazz kinda feel, though.

Photo via: YouTube

Photo via: YouTube

What about the process of producing your songs? How does it go?

I don’t produce my own songs and I actually have a number of different people doing that for me. So like Darren Ashley produced my song Okay, and I’m currently working with Bo Amir to produce my EP. But yeah, I write my music and I send it over to guys like them cause I believe they will do a good job on them.

Do you see yourself working in the music industry full-time in the future or do you just want it to be a side project as an outlet to express yourself and fulfill your passion?

Definitely not just as a side project as I’m sure everybody knows my love for music and performing mostly. I would love to spend my entire life performing. It’s not easy, especially over here, but I love it. And I am currently putting my all into it.

The music video for Cover You is a work of art, to say the least. Tell us about your experience working with Ali Aiman and filming the video.

Working with Ali was a blessing. I’m a die-hard fan of the music he writes and produces. He’s one hella talented guy. I wish to write like him one day. Working with him was, from what I remembered, easy. *laughs* I was able to express my emotions into his music. It was fun! The music video’s credit, though, goes to Nadiah Hamzah from Wayang Work. She was the mind behind the video. It was one of the most interesting shoots I have ever been in and I remember us being there from 9am to 10pm plus? But I’m really thankful for the opportunity to work with all of them.

Photo via: GUMBALL

Photo via: GUMBALL

You seem to be doing so much of everything! What do you actually do in your leisure time?

I love sports. I’d say I’m pretty athletic. My main sports at the moment would be parkour, rock climbing and a little of crossfit/weightlifting at Revelation Republic. I also just got into acting! Which I really hope to be able to do more of in the near future!

What got you into parkour in the very beginning?

I used to work part-time at a trampoline park when I was still in college, and I saw some parkour kids, so I randomly went up to them and said, “Teach me how to do a backflip,” and that’s how I got introduced to parkour.

It looks terrifying! Was it scary for you when you first started out or did you always have a penchant for it?

I would say I’m kinda mentally stronger than most people. I started without thinking much about the consequences, so I guess that would be why I lack the fear, although I also believe it slowly grows on to you. I still love it though. I definitely consider myself an adrenaline junkie.

Have you gotten injured from a stunt before?

Plenty of times! Sprained my ankle a couple of times, fell on my face a lot of times and more. Totally worth it though. *laughs*

Just like every other interview, we ask our subjects questions that are completely out of context, deeply thought-provoking (choosing a superhero name involves a lot of deep thoughts, okay) and just a tiny bit weird because this is our site and we can do anything we want. So there.

Name 3 things you cannot live without.

Music, I’d be nothing without it. Sports. And food!

Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?

Not that I remember.

If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be?

A chameleon!

If you’re a superhero, what name would you choose?

Talithabe. Pronouced as “Talitha-Be” heh, get it? Teletubbies?

Would you rather be bald or have no eyebrows?

Bald, I guess. Hair grows.

Favourite pizza topping?

Extra cheese!

Name something you can eat everyday and not get bored of.

Boat noodles!

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