Sheryl Ng, or more fondly known as sherylnsy on her social media accounts, is a full-time student, a photographer, an entrepreneur and an occasional model on the side. If you’re reading this while munching on Pringles and binge-watching Netflix, don’t feel too bad about yourself, yet. If it’s any consolation, we all have different definitions of multitasking.

On a more serious note, Sheryl may be young, but her mind works well beyond her age. Her photography account on Instagram (@_theleftside) has garnered an impressive 14.4k followers and counting. With beautiful portraiture photos that evoke a mystical sense and a haunting calmness, it’s not difficult to see why she has such a large following. Keep a lookout for our Crunch of the Month as she shares about her travel tales, business ventures and photography tips in the weeks to come.



What do you identify yourself as the most? A photographer, an entrepreneur, a social media influencer, or is there a part of you that nobody else might know of?

I put equal amount of time and love into all of them. I guess I identify myself plainly as sherylnsy, someone who does all of the above.

Your photography Instagram account (@_theleftside) has really beautiful photos! Are you only interested in portraiture photography or would you branch out into other genres in the future?

Why, thank you! I particularly love photographing women in portraiture style. There’s something about femininity that I find whimsical and intriguing. I would love to shoot similar styles for big brands like Victoria’s Secret, Guess and all, y’know?

How and when did your interest in photography started?

Late 2011 to 2012. I started taking lots of photos and editing them in really “unique” ways, but they’re all super cringe-worthy now. *laughs*


What do you like most when doing a photoshoot?

When the model is fucking amazing and a good sport. For example, someone who wouldn’t mind jumping into lakes for me without batting an eyelid.

Anything that you dislike?

When strangers try to freeload and pass them off as asking for a “collaboration.” Not cool.

Is it true that it’s extremely crucial to have strong communication with the model during a photoshoot>

A 100%, no doubt. Less awkwardness and misunderstandings will make photoshoots a breeze.


Who usually dictates the theme, location, poses and such? You or the model?

Me whenever I’m working on a personal project, whereby I let the model in on my idea, so that she’s able to understand me fully. Meanwhile, collaborations are effort put in by both the model and I. As for clients, I’d prefer them to let me know what they want so there’s room for comfort.

Most memorable photoshoot?

It wasn’t exactly a photoshoot, but Kuala Lumpur Photography Meetups II (#klpmii) was amazing, to say the least. Plus, most of the photos taken on that day were lit!

Tell us a little about your various business ventures (Cadeaur and The Anomaly). Any particular reason as to why you’ve chosen to market accessories?

Aside from the fact that it takes lesser space? *laughs* My boyfriend and I really enjoy making dainty stuff so it was only fitting that we decided to sell something we like.


What about plans for the future? What would you like to see yourself doing in say, five years’ time?

I would like to be already graduated. And maybe traveling around the world whilst making some money.

Speaking of travelling, after some thorough stalking research, is it safe to assume that you’re a big fan of the beach and tropical places?

You know it, girl!

Any memorable travel tales to share?

Krabi was my first holiday without parents that required me travelling out of the country. It still is my favourite memory, and it also sort of saved my relationship by making me fall in love all over again. It’s beautiful there and I would recommend everyone to go because it’s cheap!

Dream destination?

Right now it’s the Bahamas, baby!


As it is ROJAK’s tradition, we asked Sheryl completely random and irrelevant questions just because we can and we like to make people uncomfortable. Kidding. Or not.


What’s your favourite English word?


If you were to join the Olympics, which sport do you think you’d take part in?


Would you rather have a missing finger or one extra toe?

Gimme dat toe.

Where do you think we’ll go to after we die?

Wherever my family decides to bury me is where I’ll go?

When was the last time you tried something new?

Showering, washing my ass and brushing my teeth with saltwater during my trip to Rawa Island, Johor a week ago. They don’t have freshwater coming out the taps!

What’s the 17th song on your playlist?

Seventeen by Alessia Cara.

Would you rather drink one gallon of ketchup or mustard?

Shoot me on my extra toe instead.



Check out Sheryl’s awesome works and keep up with her lifestyle on her social media accounts as follows:

Instagram: @sherylnsy, @_theleftside
Facebook: The Left Side