A lot of relationships start out really fun and interesting. But not all stay that way and often times, you find yourself drifting apart and losing intimacy with your partner. You’re not alone. It’s really easy to lose interest when you feel like you’ve tried everything and it’s starting to become boring. The worst part is, it hurts. It hurts to give up after splurging on it and spending so much time getting to know it. I’ve been there. But guess what? It’s the fifth anniversary with my D90 this year, and although we still encounter phases like that, we always get through tough times by adding in a bit of fun. What kind of fun am I talking about? Well, here’s a list of fun things you can do with your camera to spark things up a little bit.

1. Powder


Use powder for a dusty effect. Just be careful not to inhale the powder or you may end up sneezing throughout your photoshoot!

2. Long exposure


To achieve a picture like that, set your shutter to a slow speed (I used around 10s for the picture above), pose and stay very still for a few seconds, then change pose and stay still for another few seconds.

You can also get light trails by using a long exposure.

You can also get light trails by using a long exposure.

3. Worms?

Photo from Sabrina Chan

Photo from Sabrina Chan

Gummy bears to the rescue!

4. Light


Light is your best friend. A 90-degree light source can produce strong shadows to create an image like the one above. Another thing you can do is find a strong light source, cut out some papers and form shadows! It can be a great alternative to getting the “blinds light effect”.

A halogen spot light was used for this image.

A halogen spot light was used for this image.

5. Water

Photo from Liew Xian Jiong

Photo from Liew Xian Jiong

Water creates beautiful movements. Just by stirring, shaking or dropping something into it, you can capture some beautiful images using a high shutter speed. To make water look like water (because water is colourless), add a tinge of light blue food colouring.


Another thing you can do is to capture the motion of the food colouring dropping into water (or even milk being poured into coffee).

Photo from John Lai

Photo from John Lai

6. Fire


Just like water, flames move in intricate patterns as well. Light a match, candle, lighter or even the stove at home and start snapping in very high shutter speeds. A black background and dark surrounding may be best to capture all the little magical details. You mayyy need some reflectors or extra light which you can easily find anywhere; try car sunshades, mirrors and phone lights.

7. Crayons


Have old crayons from sekolah rendah that you don’t use anymore? Place the crayons on a large piece of paper, set your hairdryer to its highest heat, blow the crayon tips and see the magic happen. It may get messy so avoid doing it near objects and place newspapers on the floor to prevent stains!

8. Chalk powder


Insert a few chalks into a zip lock bag or plastic bag (2 layers to be safe because the plastic may bocor) and start smashing! I used a pestle and mortar but you can use anything that crushes things. This one may also get messy!

9. Bones


Your body is a form of art itself! If you’re skinny like me, stop putting yourself down by degrading your body’s worth. Instead, try taking photos of your spine, collarbone or even jawline. It may turn out “artsy”.


All of these can be done at the comfort of your homes. How awesome is that? So if you needed a reason to pick up your camera again, this is it! Try out one or two, or even all the things on the list now!