You’ve probably already stumbled across articles similar to this before, but you’ll probably also agree that it is always relatable. At this time and age, I’m sure all of us do a whole lot of driving. Remember the good old days in high school where all you ever wanted was to get a driver’s licence so you can impress the rest that don’t? How innocent we were back in those days, amiright?

Photo via: SAYS

Photo via: SAYS

Now, driving becomes a chore, not only because of the time wasted being stuck in jams, but also because we Malaysians are one kind of unique when it comes to driving. We literally need to mentally prepare ourselves before starting the engine in order to reach our destination safely and with a sound mind. So without further ado, here are 8 things Malaysian drivers do that can really get under your skin (even if you yourself do it)!


1) Slowing down and taking pictures of road accidents

Malaysians just LOVE to kay poh and take pictures when accidents occur, be it just to share with friends for whateverreasonIcannotfathom, or to send to their bosses so they have a legit excuse for being 50 hours late to work. Not only does this cause traffic peanut butter jams, it also creates tension to the cars way behind the accident. Like, what is going on? Is there a roadblock ahead? An explosion? Aliens? Holy shit do I stay here or cause even more jam by trying to turn back?



2) Signal stick? What’s that?

When it comes to driving, (most) Malaysians totally ignore the fact that their cars have this thing called signal lights that functions to give a signal to let other drivers on the road know the direction you’re heading. You reading, yes you, in case you didn’t know, there’s this thing in your car, beside your steering wheel, called the signal stick that allows you to do the function mentioned.


Okay maybe I’m exaggerating. But I legitimately have a friend that answered, “Signal for what? Don’t signal can save my car’s battery leh! Can cut monthly cost.” Wow, like this also can. Win liao lor.


3) Cutting queues and causing more traffic

Some drivers think they’re really smart for leaving the lane they intend to head to, then cutting back in right at the front. Why sir, you think you are smart, but in reality you’re just an asshole. So what if you’re rushing? Everyone’s rushing somewhere, too. Unless your pregnant wife is about to give birth right in the car, you have no excuse to be an asshole. Just QUEUE UP!



4) Green, yellow, red. What’s the difference?

In Malaysia, when the traffic light is green, it means go. Common sense what. When it’s yellow, it means risky but still can take the risk and put the pedal to the metal to get past just before the red light strikes. And red? Look left, look right, no car ma go lor! Again, you think you’re really smart for outsmarting the traffic lights. But please be considerate and think about the safety of other road users lah.



5) No U-turn? No cops, nobody see, then can la

Haven’t we all been there? But cannot blame ourselves la! Sometimes not our fault because the no U-turn signboard is clearly BLOCKED by the tree, right? Or sometimes, I kid you not, police also illegally U-turn! Police can do it, I cannot? But in all seriousness, just drive a little further to legally make a safe U-turn so you don’t annoy other drivers.



6) Smart Tag/Touch N’ Go card that doesn’t work

Ah yes, the one thing that pisses people off the most. That one person who suddenly has a problem with their Smart Tag/Touch N’ Go. The worse is when you’re RIGHT BEHIND that person! Sigh, have to reverse lo, what to do? And then cut into the other Smart Tag/Touch N’ Go lanes, and feel “bad” but eh, not our fault la.


7) Emergency lane? More like my lane

Some people simply don’t understand the meaning of “emergency”. Or rather, they think being late for work, late for a yum cha session, late for basically-anything-at-all equals “emergency”. Malaysians tend to think that when the traffic is really bad, it gives them the right to use the emergency lanes. Okay fine, I’m guilty of this as well. I see the fella in front of me using, I also use lor.

But we should definitely stop that. Imagine if your loved one is in an ambulance and getting to the hospital will decide their fate between life and death, and said ambulance is stuck in traffic because assholes like us are using the emergency lanes. Right? Stop it, man.



8) Death glaring at annoying drivers

I know, some drivers deserve all the death glares and middle fingers and every single vulgar word in the world. But at the end of the day, what do death glaring, pointing middle fingers and shouting vulgarity do other than make us feel even more angry? Sometimes, that driver that cuts your lane or does not signal really didn’t mean to do the thing they did. I give you chance, you give me chance, everyone can be peaceful and happy.



If you’re from Malaysia, you’d definitely feel most, if not all, of the above on a single journey. If you’re not from Malaysia and somehow came across this article, please don’t be alarmed. Not all of us are like that, I assure you. And don’t be scared of visiting this country. Apart from our (terrible) driving etiquette, we have great hospitality and more importantly, great food! So don’t judge us, eh? We’re uniquely different in our own way in every aspect, and all my fellow Malaysians will definitely agree.