In conjunction with Boleh Pakai being our Crunch of The Month, we’re all about celebrating T-shirts this May! This article takes a walk down memory lane by remembering the most common and iconic T-shirts that you definitely owned or have seen someone wearing before. Some of them may not be very easy on the eyes, but we loved them at one point and we won’t judge if you still love them now.


1. I ♥ NY/KL/Anywhere in the world T-shirt

Photo via: Anuar Dan

Photo via: Anuar Dan

People often receive these as souvenirs but what I find ironic is that the recipient didn’t actually go to that particular country, so what makes you think that they love that country? As a matter of fact, I would assume that the giver loved the place more since they were the one who traveled to that I ♥ *insert country name* and bought the shirt. Some thoughts to ponder upon for those of you who are planning to get this kind of tee as a souvenir next time: a) You cannot simply assume that your recipient loves that country as stated so boldly on the tee, and b) Fashion wise, it’s not very nice either.


2. Hard Rock Café T-shirt

Photo via: Rock Shop

Photo via: Rock Shop

Similar to the tee above, Hard Rock Cafés are known for selling merchandises in their restaurants, and their most well-known product would be their Hard Rock T-shirts that include the name of the country/state of wherever each restaurant is located at. I think it serves a purpose as a trademark for Hard Rock to establish their global presence in every nation, but then again, it’s not like it’s anyone’s goal to make it a point to visit every single Hard Rock in the whole world. I mean I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t. Speaking of global presence, McDonald’s could do the very same thing as well since there are presumably more McDonald’s than Hard Rock in the world.


3. Polo Tee

Ahh, the good old Polo tee. You’d be lying if you’ve never owned one of these, be it original or imitation, ahem. Polo tees are a classic and you can pretty much wear them to any occasion. It works for a casual event because of the T-shirt design and can be worn in a semi-formal way because it has a collar. As for me, I wear my Polo tees whenever I need to take a passport, IC or driving license photo. So versatile!


4. Superhero T-shirt


Whether you’re Team Batman or Superman, Iron Man or Captain America, Green Lantern or The Flash, Black Widow or Scarlet Witch, Spiderman or Cicakman, there’s bound to be a superhero tee for all you geeks out there. I know nobody’s asking, but in light of the recently released movies, I’m on Team Batman and Iron Man all the way (You’ll get a free t-shirt if you’re on the same side. Or you won’t. Or will you? Hmm.).


5. Football Jersey

Photo via: adidas Malaysia

Photo via: adidas Malaysia

Just like superhero tees, football jerseys cater to the needs of different fans from different teams. However, the one thing that segregates football jersey and a superhero tee is that people take football jerseys very seriously. It can turn enemies to friends and friends to enemies. Again, I know nobody’s asking but I’m just going to point out that I have always been a Red Devil. Here’s a story to share: I went for the Arsenal vs Malaysia FC friendly match back in 2012 and I told my friend who’s a die-hard Gunner that I might wear my Man Utd jersey to the stadium. He threatened to burn me and my jersey alive. See what I mean? People take it so seriously, geez.


6. I’m with stupid → T-shirt

Photo via: TeesBox

Photo via: TeesBox

Remember when slogan tees were all the rage back then? I had a few with super gross and cringe-worthy statements such as, “Abso-fucking-lutely Single”, “Boyfriend Season Is Here”, “He’s Your Boyfriend But I’m His Favourite”, and a couple more. Oh my god, what is wrong with 14-year-old me?! Why didn’t anybody stop me, or better yet, punch me?! Even typing this down makes me want to punch myself or puke, whichever comes first. Anyway, the most common one would be the “I’m With Stupid →”. I guess it was funny back then but I don’t know who sees the humour in it now.


7. High School PJK T-shirt

Hahaha, okay. This is obviously a joke but hey, I know a lot of friends who still wear their PJK T-shirt as a pyjamas now.  Excluding the fact that most government schools’ PJK T-shirt is often oversized, unflattering and downright ugly (My school’s one was bright orange. Can you even believe it? It was so ugly that I avoided wearing it at all costs unless I absolutely don’t have a choice.), it’s fun to reminisce all those sports day memories and how we loyally supported our house colours. Anybody from Ruman Merah here?


At the end of the day, these T-shirts may not see the light of the day anymore, but a lot of them continue to serve their purpose as being comfortable “house clothes” that we excitedly crawl into after a long day out. Thanks for being there even though I called you ugly again and again, my dear PJK T-shirt.



If the only T-shirts you wear consist of the ones above, here’s a kind advice: you need to rebuild your T-shirt collection. How about shirts from our CotM, Boleh Pakai? Head over to their pages to check out their fun and cool selection of tees!

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