Exam season is here! And you know what that’s synonymous to? That’s right, it’s procrastinating season! Don’t lie. You’re probably doing it right now at this very instance, reading this article. I’d advice you to stop, but I’m also one who truly believes in the art of procrastinating. After all, any other day, I’d be procrastinating typing this very sentence. But, as it’s exam season, writing this piece is truly the best reason to not be studying. Hence, to make myself you feel better about procrastinating, let’s discuss the underlying beauty of procrastination, shall we?



1) Procrastinating preps us to work under tight deadlines

Procrastinating prepares us for tight deadlines at workplaces in future. Nobody could do a better job at producing decent work in the shortest amount of time possible than procrastinators. Sure, completion of said job may come with a lot of unnecessary stress, tears, rage, fear, and more tears, but at the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is that the task is done, right? Do not let anybody tell you you can’t do something the night before it’s due. Because all things can be done on the day it is due.



2) Procrastinating trains us to work under pressure

Not only does procrastination train us to work within a specific time frame, it also helps us work under pressure. The consequence of procrastinating is that all work is done under some sort of panic. But at the end of the day, we all come out well and ready to face the next challenge life (or lecturers) throw at us. So really, if anything, it’ll only give us brownie points in future for being the only one remaining calm when something major happens at our workplace.

Photo via: Dave Walker

Photo via: Dave Walker


3) Procrastinators make great friends

Procrastinators are much more fun to be around because there’s a 99.9% chance that they’ll accept your invitation to go have ice-cream the day before an exam when your other friends flat out rejected you with the excuse of “having to study.” You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You know they lying anyways. And word of advice: never trust anyone who rejects ice-cream. Never.

Photo via: Wrong Hands

Photo via: Wrong Hands


4) Procrastinators are adventurous and fun

Procrastinators love challenges. So, they are more likely to teman you on those scary thrill rides at the theme park. After all, what’s a 360 degrees loopy rollercoaster ride to someone who submits their assignments one minute before the submission closes? Procrastinators are ALL about living life dangerously – their whole life is basically a giant never-ending challenge-filled obstacle race against time. This just further reinforces my previous point about procrastinators being fun people to hang out with.



5) Procrastinators are reliable and comforting friends

Speaking of being a good friend, procrastinators are the best people to help you feel good about yourselves. Haven’t started your revisions? No worries, your procrastinator friend is on the same boat as you. Haven’t done your part in a group project? Rest assure that no matter the circumstance, your procrastinator friend is bound to be the last person to submit his/her part. Need someone to cry with about how stressed out you are from leaving something till the last minute? Yep, you know exactly who to call.



6) Procrastination births creativity

Ultimately, procrastination makes us creative. Procrastinators have to actively come up with ways to overcome the constant challenges they face on a daily basis. Like how to cramp a semester’s worth of lectures the night before finals. Or even simply to think up reasons to justify why we wasted an entire day doing nothing when there’s 50 other things to be done. You may even call this rationalization. See, there’s plenty of skills learnt from the simple act of procrastinating.

Photo via: The Rundown

Photo via: The Rundown


So you see, procrastination isn’t as bad as people claim it to be. Apart from all the deadline-induced panic, fear, stress and anxiety that comes with it, think also about all the freedom, bliss, enjoyment and laughter you get while procrastinating. I, for one, definitely had a good time writing this article because I just wasted a few hours scrolling through endless memes about procrastination to find some to include in this article. Now excuse me while I continue to busy myself with things to avoid doing the things I’m actually supposed to be doing.