In honour of ROJAK’S Crunch of the Month, we have fashion app Shoppr to cater to all your OOTD needs! Last week, we managed to get co-founder, Sylvia Yin, to share more about Shoppr’s background. If you’re still unclear about what exactly Shoppr is, you need to read on to find out, and if it doesn’t make you want to sign up immediately by the end of the article, you need to take some quiet time out to reevaluate all your life decisions.


1. You can create your own OOTD board

Other than the obvious fact that Shoppr is an app dedicated to fashion and OOTDs, you can do so much more than just upload your OOTDs. Your feed will consist of two categories – the people that you follow, and a personalized feed that feature other users’ outfits. Before you go, “What? I don’t want my feed to be flooded with people I don’t know and outfits I don’t like,” you need to calm down and hear me out. The personalized feed will be filled with posts that are selected based on your style. When you first register, Shoppr will ask you your preferable styles such as Chic, Hipster, Minimalistic, etc., and what occasion suits you most like Day Out, Dinner and more. You can choose a few or choose all if you’re a badass like that. That’s how your personalized feed is, well, personalized just for you.


2. It helps you shop

With a name like Shoppr, I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out by now. Looking at pretty OOTDs is a hell lot of fun but you know what’s better than that? Looking at pretty OOTDs and buying them! Okay fine, maybe you can’t exactly buy it off a user from head to toe because it’s not an online boutique after all. This is where Shoppr comes in and be your shopper. It’ll suggest places you can get similar outfits from. As a matter of fact, their brand list includes notable names such as Topshop, Zalora, ASOS, Love Bonito, Zara and so on, so forth.


3. You can keep tabs on your friends’ OOTDs

While Instagram is an amazing app on its own and it’s probably where OOTD-picture taking started, it’s very jumbled up with all sorts of posts from your Following list. I don’t know about you but other than my friends, I mostly follow beauty YouTubers and bloggers, and even online Instashops. Basically, I like keeping a lookout on people who post pictures of clothes and the likes. So what is so special about Shoppr if Instagram offers the same thing? Well, for one, Shoppr is a lot more relatable. You’ll probably find a lot of your friends on it or people within your community who are as passionate about fashion as you are. Let’s face it, while Instagram famous people like Melissa Koh, Thuyy Trann and Jessica Ricks has incredible styles, you can’t really do anything but admire them, envy them or be inspired by them. Meanwhile, you can admire, envy, inspire and actually achieve the styles/clothes that you like on Shoppr while being the product of inspiration yourself.


4. You can earn free credits

Is that ‘free’ I hear? That’s right, Shoppr has contests that enable you to win free Shoppr shopping credits that can be converted into cash. Real hard cash that you can use to buy more clothes! Want to know how else you earn free Shoppr credits? Sign up with our unique link at to get =free shopping credits*! You can even double up the credits simply by sharing the invite link on social media. Honestly, I don’t know what you are waiting for if you have yet to sign up. Do it like, now, dude.

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*Only applicable for females on first time mobile download. Each new sign up is rewarded RM5.00 with the ability to earn more.