Who remembers the days back in 2008 – 2010 when Facebook was all the rage? Remember when it was the sole champion of social media before Instagram, Snapchat, etc., made their appearances? I don’t know about you, but it seems like my circle of friends and I have alighted from the Facebook train. I’m not sure when or how it happened but Facebook just stopped becoming entertaining after so many successful years, especially when we have an array of social media platforms to document our “Look How Much Fun I’m Having” life.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not deactivating my Facebook account for good, but I have to admit that a lot of the people in my generation rarely go on Facebook anymore. Most of us are ghost users, just liking and occasionally commenting on and sharing posts without uploading anything from our end. As a matter of fact, some completely disappeared off the radar. Out of the long hours I spend mindlessly scrolling on my phone and computer, I can say that not even 10% of that time is spent on Facebook.

Photo via: Softpedia

Photo via: Softpedia

And I miss it. No, I don’t mean the Facebook today. I’m referring to the beloved Facebook 5 years ago. It was actually a social platform where people really connected and kept in touch with each other by posting statuses and pictures that are real, authentic and relatable. Sure, people still update with pictures of events or happenings in their lives but now, Instagram is the go-to app for such updates. Worse still, Instagram has become a platform solely for pretty pictures that are so perfectly curated that it’s nowhere near relatable anymore. The perfect angle, perfect filter, perfect pose, perfect outfit, perfect background. Friendly reminder, guys: Instagram is NOT real. It’s the carefully planned and edited version of everybody’s lives.

Photo via: indiatimes

Photo via: indiatimes

I guess that is the biggest factor why Facebook pales in comparison to the picture perfect place that is Instagram. We are all about aesthetics these days. Admittedly, looking at pretty pictures pleases our eyes, and when we post a pretty picture ourselves, we feel good when those likes and positive comments start flooding in. When everybody else is glitzing and brushing up their photos, people start to slowly abandon the unedited profile picture and random musings in the form of a status on Facebook because it just doesn’t feel good enough to the so-called “perfect” social media community these days. Maybe this could be one of the reasons why I neglected Facebook as well but below are a few more reasons that made me close the Facebook app after spending a mere 3 minutes on it.

1) It’s filled with super click-baity posts


“A Homeless Man Enters KFC and What the Cashier Does Will Make You Cry.” “A Bunch of Teenagers Took a Selfie and You Will Never Guess What Happens Next!” “Baby Cries Because I-Don’t-Know-Why-People-Are-Even-Buying-This and Then the Mother Does This!”

Sounds familiar, anybody? And seriously, c’mon! A couple of them once in a while are still acceptable but after more than 10 in a row every single day, it is bound to get more annoying and less intriguing. Not to mention, 90% of what may seem like an interesting post because of the overused titles turn out to be an absolute waste of time, more often than not.

2) People sharing posts of wounds, injured animals and other gruesome images that are explicitly graphic


I know it’s supposed to garner sympathy or something but seriously, it is just downright disturbing to me. Sorry to be a spoilsport but not everybody can stomach blood and yellow mucus gushing out of somebody’s pimple or a dog with its skin peeling off. Don’t even get me started on the “1 like = 1 dollar donated to a specific cause or a kid with cancer” thing. First of all, how does that even work? Who’s actually doing the donating? Secondly, how many of those are actually real and not a hoax? Which brings me to my next point.

3) Fake news. Fake news everywhere.


You’d think that with all the information one can learn and obtain from having technology on their fingertips will make people smarter, or more wary, at least, but nope, a lot are still as gullible as a 3-year-old who believes in Santa Claus. Maybe I’m just a naturally sceptical person but when I see people sharing a certain news that is so fake even China would be embarrassed, I can’t help but go, “Please tell me you’re kidding. Please.

4) It is monopolized by your parents, aunties, uncles, great aunt and a lot of old people that judge you

Okay, this may not necessarily be a prominent factor but it is one of the causes, nonetheless. In the grand scheme of things, this generation of aunties and uncles are pretty harmless on Facebook, but the fact that they are friends with you on Facebook makes you think twice before sharing an Elite Daily article with a title such as “6 Reasons Why Your 20s is the Best Time to Get Drunk, Party and Discover Yourself,” or something along those lines. Also, we all dread the moment when we receive a friend request from Aunty Patricia who nags you non-stop in real life. You don’t want to accept her request but then again, she’ll probably question you about it when she sees you and you have no choice but to stop liking/sharing posts or articles about the best vape flavour, the latest event at Zouk and so on, so forth.


When all is said and done, I find myself thinking, “If Facebook returns to its glory days without all the spams, ads and aforementioned, would I continue being an active user?” The answer right now would be a no. I guess that’s the thing with technology and the online world; new is always better. We constantly update our iOS and Android system, create an account whenever a new social platform emerges and start leaving behind things that we thought was a necessity at one point in our lives, especially when we are spoilt rotten with a whole lot of choices.

Photo via: Gawker

Photo via: Gawker

After all, long gone are the days when it was just Friendster and/or Myspace. Speaking of which, you’re considered old if you had a Friendster or Myspace account. It was bad days, wasn’t it? Yes, don’t worry. I’m beyond embarrassed for myself too, so excuse me, while I try to erase any form of memory of my Friendster days.